1-1 Private Training

One of the many reasons many people do not start their exercise program would be due to intimidation and not having time. 1-on-1 private training is meant to simplify the exercises, understand exercise execution, and properly explain the reasons and benefits for them.

“Our mission is to bring about an experience that exceeds the client’s expectations and encourages a learning environment to better assess and assist their fitness goals.”

Personal training will take you out of that confused state of mind when entering a gym. With our Corrective Exercise Specialists through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, we are able to identify improper body mechanics, posture abnormalities, over- and underactive muscles, and improve rehabilitation, stability and mobility.

“Monkey See, Monkey Do!”

More often than not, we tend to imitate others for a specific reason. If you noticed a man or woman with an admirable physique, you would possibly do the same exercises as the individual to achieve the same results, right? This isn’t a bad idea at all; only if you don’t understand what the individual is focusing on during the exercise. With the phrase, “Monkey See, Monkey Do,” it is meant to identify the fact that the beginning trainee will mimic exercises but will only focus on moving the weight from Point A to Point B, and not on creating a mind-to-muscle connection.

“Mind-to-Muscle connection is referred to the ability to activate and constantly apply tension onto the working muscle!”

With our credentials and experience, we are qualified to create an exercise prescription for any and all populations; from young teens to elderly and populations with acute/chronic diseases.
1-on-1 training will help educate and motivate you towards your health and fitness goals! With different styles of training, we will be able to create new and enjoyable exercise routines to promote progress.

“How else can DMF help you achieve your goals?”


• Workout programs are specifically designed based on YOUR selected preferences, and goals. Whether you want to gain muscle, or get ripped, our workouts are made for you.
• The programs are updated bi-weekly/monthly to ensure they are always challenging and get you the best results possible. With years of experience in the industry, you can trust our programs work.

• Nutrition plans will aid in transforming your body into your dream physique. Based on your personal goals these meal plans will provide you with the right calories and macro nutrients. Nutrition is so important and should not be left to chance. To achieve your goals as quickly as possible, it is essential to get your nutrition right so that you have the energy to perform when required.
• We also provide you with a shopping list so you don’t have to stress over grocery shopping.

• The defined abs program is a personalized abdominal workout program to transform your mid-section. These workouts get progressively harder every month so that you can have a core to be proud of.
• The defined abs program is designed to be used alongside your personalized workout program.

• We are here for you all the way. If you have questions about supplements, your program, working out or nutrition, we can help you. I want to make sure you get the best results possible, and we know you will need support along the way.
• We are here to celebrate your transformation with you too!
• We want to hear about your progress, so feel free to email any time; We’re here to help and guide you every step of the way.